All photos by me.

Hey there peeps.
One thing I really love to do is traveling.
In my opinion one should collect moments, experiences and memories, not things. (Except shoes, of course.) 

What often stands in my way is the money, or more likely the lack of money. *High five fellow students*
But because I really (really) love to travel, I just try to get away for little money. The faraway places I might put off for later in my life but there are so much beautiful places to go to not so far away. Like you might know, I live in Switzerland and that's quite in the middle of Europe. So there are a lot of nice cities and places "near" me. 

When I go collect memories on my travel journeys, I plan to share them with you. So that's another new category, kind of. 
So on the occasion of (throwback-)thursday...
In the end of October I was in Milan with my dear friend Leila.
This time I don't really remember all the shops, bars, restaurants and places we went to. Maybe I can share them with you when I go back. And I suppose I will because Milan is beautiful! I mean, look at the pictures!

Next stop, Munich on the weekend. So stay tuned for the next TRAVEL-post (this time with some travel-tips).

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