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Happy humpday peeps.
Yay, I am exited to present a new category on my blog.
It is called "MY KIND OF TREND". But what could you expect from that headword?
"MY KIND OF TREND" will be a category where you can find my favorite trends at the moment. But trends that don't necessarily refer to the common trends in fashion that you can find in all the magazines or on the seasonal runways. Of course there will be overlapping. 
The essential idea is to share my personal trends, what I like, love, wear and fancy. Maybe the trend is world-wide, just among Bloggers or I am the only one who likes it (at the moment). You get the idea right?
So stay tuned!

Today, MY KIND OF TREND are those way too long but rolled up sleeves on a knitted sweater. When I first saw it, I imagined how cozy and cuddly those long sleeves would be. Despite the fact they look ultra cool.
Lucky me I stumbled over a beige and a black one at Zara. 
And it actually IS pretty amazing and it looks so editorial-fashion-like, don't you think?
The one downside is, you have to take care not to hang them into your food. (Yup, it happened to me.) 
But I still love my sweaters.


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