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Hey there peeps!
Two weeks ago, my bestie and me started to eat healthy and work out. A total lifestyle change. The first week I went through with it. The second one I had some struggles with it. But now I am totally back on track again and eating clean. 
Building a habit, which happens in four weeks, is probably the most important and difficult thing about changing your lifestyle. Another thing is the abstinence of eating sugar, unhealthy fat and white-flour-products. A good thing to do is to find healthy and clean alternatives. For your sweet cravings these clean date balls are THE solution. They only consist of nuts, fresh dates and cocoa powder (no sugar of course!). Put it in the blender, roll it into balls and cover in coconut. If you dont like coconut, you can cover them in crushed nuts, cocoa powder or leave them uncovered. 
Then enjoy! 


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