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Hey there peeps.
Yaay my exams are over! Yippie! Such a relief, all the students among you know. 
Finally some quality time with my blog, due to the absence of a man in my life, haha. And no, I will definitely not stop blogging when a relationship would happen (when pigs might fly). No all joking aside. (Do you notice my good mood?)
Fact about me: I LOVE and ADORE Isabel Marant. She is one of my absolute favourite designers. No wonder that I freaked out about her cooperation with H&M and no wonder I bought some pieces. In the Spring collection 2014 she excelled herself once again. I mean listen to her description and philosophie in the video above.. My word! 
Contrast, THE word. A main characteristic of my style and my life also, I think. 
Look at the black and cream leather pieces combined with the silky ruffles and the kinda-boxy blazers. Another detail I love is the little bit of glittery sequin. And the slouchy suit trousers and leather pants with the perfect fit on the hips. So characteristic, I love the, I call it "Isabel-Marant-silhouette". 
Above you can see my favourite looks from the runway. I almost couldnt decide, could post almost all of them.
And you know what, I love her personal look in which she peeked from backstage at the end of the show. So casual with the sweatshirt but the leatherpants and the heels definitely slapped it out. Just love it. (I take so much pleasure in the fact that she wears very similar pants as I have them, I am SO gonna recreate a similar look to this!)

Wishing you a happy monday!

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