Hi guys.

Yes, this is another post, and there are not a couple of weeks in between this one and the last one. Halleluja. *proud*
Today I want to show you my daily skin-make-up basics. 
I'm using them for a long time now, basically since the FIT line from Maybelline came out, I think.
I really love the foundation and the powder which are exactly matching colors. In summer it is maybe a bit heavy for me, especially with the powder on top, so I left that one out sometimes. 
I am quite happy with the two products. But sometimes I tinker with the idea of trying out something new. The problem is, I am not an expert in the field of make-up and beautyproducts. Simple: I just dont know what to take and where to search. Cheap or expensive? Drugstore or some kind of luxury store? What color, what brand, what consistency? Aaand so on and so on. 
Maybe if you have some tips for me? Tell me, let me know, please.

As a bronzer I use the Maybelline Dream Terra Sun bronzing powder. I am really happy with this fella, because I dont like it when there is too much glitter or shine in a bronzer/blush and this one doesnt have that. 
Especially in summer I use the Max Factor Miracle Touch creamy blush on my cheeks instead of the bronzing powder. I like the finish it leaves on my face and the risk of smudging it when you get a little sweaty at 30 degrees is lower. 

Since my life is changing now and guess what? I am in changing-mood, I think about trying something new in this area too. After I finished these products of course. Yeah sorry, guilty! I dont like to throw away unfinished products. May they be cosmetics or food. Not a shame right? 
And yes there are always exeptions.

Happy Monday.

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