Last week university started. New city, new life, new people. NEW BEGINNING. I am a person that really likes to start new, to always change and go/ look forward. When something isn't the way you would like it to be in your life - change. Everyday is a new beginning. 
And something like the beginning of a semester, to me, is a very good occasion to start all over. 
Now, let's summarize shortly what has happened in my life the past few weeks or even month (My goodness, time is running, but at the same time, my last post went online such a long time ago.. Weird. Hope I am not the only one feeling that way.) 
First, I want to tell you a bit about how my life is now.. because (shame on me) my last post was in june (Yes I know..!)
 I was working at a clothing store till the end of july. Then I finally have had holidays. After a few weeks it became boring. I know, what a person am I ? I mean, I became tired of holidays? What a wacko I am. Maybe its not going to be the last weird thing about me.. (hint: keep reading my blog if you want to know AND I warned you, so..)
Last monday university finally started. I am studying Publizistik and Kommunikationswissenschaften (journalism/ the Media and Communication Sciences), Dutch and English (Yes I hope my writing skills will increase and studies are paying, at this point, I know I am not perfect in writing in English and that I make (a lot of?) faults, so have mercy, please. I write in English that you can understand me worldwide).
 I am really looking forward to my life as a student, to start new! 
"New" is the keyword. My blog is finally going to be full of inspiration. It still really is a desire of mine to blog regularly. I hope to meet you here in the future. That you won't miss anything follow me on Bloglovin, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Fashionlista,Tumblr & Lookbook.


P.S. Pardon the hundereds and hundereds of the comments in brackets. ;)

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