Hi guys

Having a good friday everyone?

Mine was really gread! Yeah had to work in the morning and the weather was quite sh***y but that doesnt matter, right?
Just got home from the city, had dinner.
Tonight Im going out with the girls, having some fun! Im totally in the right mood now! My favourite soccer team, FC Basel, won yesterday and is now, for the first time in the club history, in the semi-finals of the European league! I mean, WTF? AMAZING! I was freaking out! 
Aaaaand I won tickets for the Energy Fashion Night 2013 in Zurich, probably THE fashion event of the year in Switzerland. Yaaaay! Exited!

Now look at the photo I posted! Isnt she gorgeous? Daphne Groenevelt is one of my favourite models. Just love here vibe, you know what I mean? Besides shes Dutch, a huge plus ;) haha right?
I really like the wet hair look on her. Reminds me of the Alexander Wang show.. Also a genious. If you didnt know: I am totally a Wangster!
The hair combined with the big chuncky knitted sweater is just perfect! Pure inspiration for me here. 

Have a good friday night guys.


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