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Hey there peeps
It's monday again and it's cold-/ flu-season. And the virus got me too. When I am not feeling good, I just want to hide under my blanket and preferably not come out ever again. 
That is plausible part of the time. We definitely should get rest and cure the illness. 
My belief is, that our body reacts to our mind. So when I constantly think of how ill I am, I truly believe that my body will try to achieve that condition or it will at least not speed up to get healthy. 
I got this belief not only in the case of sickness but also that every other negative or positive thought will have affection on our body and actions.
So I decided to use that. I try to "pretend" that I am healthy and support my body. That expresses in:

- Take a shower, you will feel much fresher and the hot  
  steam will be good for your throat and nasal area.
- Get dressed and put on a little make-up (a colorful lipstick  
  will cheer you up!)
- Eat your vitamin C, girls!
- Drink tea, a LOT of tea.
- Make yourself a nice homemade soup.
- Get a little fresh air (go get the ingredients for your soup,    
  but make sure you wrap yourself up in big knits!)
- Wash your bedding (at 95 degrees Celsius to kill all the     
- Wash your hands regularly and sanitize them. (Also not to 
  infect others.)
- Make sure you are always warm. (Scarfs, woolen socks and 
  chunky knits are your best friends!)

And when you are feeling better and not like you are dying anymore, try to make a routine. First at home, like getting some work done for university. Then outside at work, school or university. And there you are, feeling better and more productive. Your mind will feel better, so your body will follow. 
But please, I am not an expert, I am just talking about what works for me. The most important thing is to look after yourself! 

If you are fighting the cold or flu too, feel better soon!
Otherwise, go out and enjoy the week (not coughing)!

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