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Hey there, peeps!
I kind of always was interested in fashion and style and I would even describe myself an aesthete. 
When I first started reading blogs and then started my first own blog about 6 years ago, I was really impressed by the know-how about all the brands on the runways and the important people in fashion. At that time I thought I would never be capable of naming a brand by only seeing a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes. To recognize the designers by their characteristics seemed impossible to me. 
But by now, I think my knowledge increased quite a lot. And isnt that a sign again how you can achieve things that you didnt think you could at first? (I mean, the little things count as well, dont they?)
For all of you who are having some difficulties pronouncing the names of some designers, this will help. Lucky me, living in Switzerland and having learned French in school. Even though I cant really write or speak it fluently, unfortunately. But for the pronounciation in fashion business, it will help. Yay, something good about the hundereds of French lessons. Excusez-moi, Madame ******.
So get that studying going. Because if you wear it, you should pronounce it correctly.
Enjoy your sunday!

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