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Hey there peeps!
You are invited to a friend or a birthdayparty and you really have no idea what you should bring? I think we all have been in that situation right? Here is a cute idea! 
Its a homemade-"convenience blend". 
Basically its: COOKIES IN A JAR! 
Yes, you read right! I knoow! I mean everybody loves cookies. And if you dont: What are you weirdo?
All you have to do to indulge in them is adding an egg and butter and put them in the oven. Done. (So yes, its also a good gift for the not so baking-talented among us.)
This one on the pictures is my first try and goes to my stepmother. What do you think? Looks lovely right?
And there are such a lot variation of these. You can do them with your favourite brownie recipe, the oatmeal cookies you like so much or even mix it up with some dried fruit or candy. 
Let your imagination run wild!

Happy humpday everybody! 

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