shoes: Balenciaga FW13 / source: unknown

shoes: Balenciaga FW13 / source: unknown
shoes: Zara (Sale at the moment!) / source: unknown

Hi there peeps.
The weekend is here! (Yayy). Today I went to the city to get some stuff. Ne-ver gonna do that again, seriously. There are just too many people on a saturday afternoon. Aaand the stores are in the middle of the sale. Craaazy. But (!) it was definitely worth it because I stumbled over the perfect shoes! I mean, how nicely subtle is a toe cleavage? I first spotted it in the Balenciaga Fall/Winter collection 2013. Yeah, the one with all the marble (there will be a post about it, pinky promise!). I mean look at those heels. In my opinion, black is always a good idea and with this special detail it is not just a regular heel. And because Balenciaga will momentarily not be an option (regarding my budget), I was one lucky girl when I found the (very) similar ones at Zara.


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