Fun fact: I really like to cook (and I mean really!). So you will see some food on my blog on a regular basis! ;) Stay tuned! Some of it I cook by myself, other I post to show you how I get inspired to keep my menu-plan interesting! Especially now that I really want to nourish my body to do something good to it and be aware WHAT I put in my body. Remember: You are what you eat!
The deliciousness you see on the pictures above is a fishcurry with basmati rice. There really isnt a recipe, because I love to make my dishes with all the stuff I can find and that smell good. Of course I get inspired by some recipes and products. But basically I just cook what I feel like. So, if you are interested in the recipe, let me know. I would try to remember and write it down for you, of course!

Enjoy your friday folks!


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